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Notes. Vinyl version of this compilation contains only 11 tracks. Includes booklet with information on all participating bands written in. What are the Four Types of Noise? Continuous Noise, Intermittent Noise, Impulsive Noise. Noise comes in all shapes, sizes and sounds. It's part. Many of the sounds we associate with white noise are actually pink (This is what makes the same note sound different on a flute than it. The color names for these different types of sounds are derived from a loose analogy between the spectrum of frequencies of sound wave present in the sound. At first the art of music sought purity, limpidity and sweetness of sound. Then different sounds were amalgamated, care being taken, however, to caress the ear. Continuous — we learn to live without noticing this one. Continuous noise is constant. · Intermittent sounds — we might or might not notice this. Sound in air can activate vibrations in housing structures, and low frequency sounds can also. Table 1 lists the approximate velocity of sound in air and other media. If a person hears two sounds of the same sound pressure but different. Microphone polar (pickup) patterns are how different microphones pick up sounds around their central axis. In other words, this is the audio. In our surroundings, there are different sources emitting various types of environmental noise. Type of Environmental Noise Sources. Examples. Transportation.


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