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The best productivity technique, like the best food, is personalized. Productivity techniques can be adjusted, mined for their best parts. Is your current study method reading a textbook over and over again hoping something will stick? If so, do you find yourself stressed out because you can't. If you're after a way to supercharge your learning and become smarter, on the Feynman Technique, you could place a rubber duck on your desk and try. Use your sheet as a reference and try to remove any jargon or complexity. Only use simple words. Only use words a child would understand. (If you want an. Progressive muscle relaxation. In this relaxation technique, you focus on slowly tensing and then relaxing each muscle group. This can help you focus on the. Set the pomodoro timer (typically for 25 minutes). Work on the task. End work when the timer rings and take a short break (typically 5–10 minutes). He tried to find the essential kernels of each subject. When he was done he had a notebook of which he was especially proud.” He rejected rote memorization;. Try the Pomodoro Technique if you Find little distractions often derail the whole workday. Consistently work past the point of optimal productivity. Research also found the technique can help reduce chronic pain and inflammation. It may help lower symptoms of depression and PTSD. Try doing a grounding exercise when you first start to feel bad. Don't wait for distress to reach a level that's harder to handle. If the.


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