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All airspace around the world is divided into Flight Information Regions (FIRs) Aircraft flying in controlled airspace must follow instructions from Air. Class A: All operations must be conducted under IFR. All aircraft are subject to ATC clearance. All flights are separated from each other by ATC. Class B. ATS airspace is classified and designated in accordance with the following: Class A. IFR flights only are permitted, all flights are. Unless otherwise authorized, all operation in Class. A airspace is conducted under instrument flight rules (IFR). Class B Airspace. Class B airspace is. We absolutely understand that aircraft noise disturbs many people. We will continue to consider the environmental impact of all our airspace decisions and have. In Flight Simulator, the ATC menu changes according to various factors, some having to do with what type of airspace you're in or approaching. Most gliding takes place in uncontrolled airspace. There are various categories of controlled airspace which exclude sailplanes either through rules or in. Controlled Airspaces Controlled airspace is an area of defined dimensions which Air Traffic Control (ATC) services are provided. The. All flights are provided with an air traffic control service and are positively separated from each other. Class C: This is the controlled airspace surrounding. Class A airspace extends from 18, feet MSL to 60, feet MSL, or flight level ยท Class B airspace surrounds the busiest airports from the.


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